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Logo Design / Videography / Motion Design


AberGêm (working title) is an innovative outdoor arts project aiming to transform the streets of Aberystwyth. Led by local artists and young adults, it will tell the story of the community through placing live performances, music, visual spectacle and installation in unexpected places in a Covid aware way. There is a heavy emphasis placed on the process in this project, rooting the work in the community, working with young people aged 16 – 25 and local artists alike, involving them in the project through a fluid and dynamic creative process. It will be delivered in 2 phases over 2 years (ending in 2022). 

A joint initiative between Articulture, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and Boomtown in partnership with Ceredigion County Council, Mind Aberystwyth and This collaboration has evolved from shared desires of all partners to be a positive force in their community and find ways to support and inspire young adults whilst also working with and supporting local artists. AberGêm is funded by Arts Council Wales through the Connect and Flourish strand.

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Aberystwyth Arts Centre Boomtown


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